Not Registering Apple Product = Longer AppleCare?

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    I just had an uncommon situation and I need some clarification on how AppleCare works. Now I understand that standard AppleCare for Mac or any iDevice is 1 year. I usually register all my products when I open them so it gets enrolled into the system. I ended up buying a MacBook Pro in 2012 June and according to my knowledge I was supposed to buy extended AppleCare this June. I go into Apple after registering my device (this June of 2013) and ask if I could get AppleCare. Of course I go in with disappointment because I felt I was late and wasn't able to buy it after 1 year of having AppleCare. I go in and the Genius mentions that I have until June of 2014 to buy AppleCare. So what I'm wondering the AppleCare start date the day you register the product? Any thoughts?
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    It's supposed to be based on purchase date, but I guess if you don't buy from Apple, they might not have a way if knowing the purchase date and may go by registration date.
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    Or at the very least providing proof of purchase, i.e., receipt.
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    Your warranty from Apple is based on purchase date. By law, you are not required to register something to get warranty coverage. If you did not buy your device from Apple directly, Apple won't cover it past a year from the date of manufacture without a receipt.
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    At some point, Apple will ask you for proof of purchase (unless you bought the equipment from Apple) - either when you bring it in for repair (under the 1 year warranty) or when you register AppleCare to verify when the 2 or 3 year AppleCare should actually expire.
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    it's 2013
    they know exactly when every serial number was sold and by whom. at best buy they will print the serial number on the receipt for a lot of items
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    You do realize that for service, the first thing they get is the serial number. That being said, like alent1234 said, they know when where, how and why. If you don't or won't give them a valid receipt, they will then go by the date of manufacture which will cost you a month or two. Applecare is an extension of that date by 2 or 3 years, depending on the device. It also gives you the ability to call after 90 days for free and ask questions and they will help you with anything to do with that device. Email, printing, I work, I movie, I photo, whatever or a class in the store.

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