Not shutting down correctly after sleep


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Mar 29, 2011
So I've had my late 2011 mbp for almost a month now I've noticed a few things.

When I leave it in sleep for a few hours, if I want to shut it down right away, it doesn't. And I have to open an app to cancel the shut down, then it shuts down fine

I put an M4 Crucial SSD 128gb in it, and everything is up to date with the drivers. And it flies all the time. Just not when I wake it up right away

Also, I noticed that scrolling on Safari with pages like FB and Google+ are VERY laggy. I've tried Firefox and chrome and I get the same result.

I've ran AHT a few times and I've gotten different memory errors. I even bought new RAM and still ran into them. But I've heard from friends and family that you can't trust everything AHT says. Is that true?

Other than that, it does everything just fine. I feel kinda stupid and feel like I should have spent the extra 200 and got a 2012 machine. What does MacRumors say? I still have time to return and get money back. (thanks amazon)

I'd like to hear some insight. Please. =)


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Aug 4, 2012
So impatient after just four hours, and during what for many is still mid- or late morning? Really?

Incidentally, I have no idea. But you won't improve your chances of finding an answer to your query by being petulant.


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Sep 20, 2011
Great. Glad this isn't a forum or anything for help
Give people a chance to answer! Unfortunately, not everyone that views this thread will have a solution, but surely you can afford to wait more than four hours.

Anyway, I'm not quite sure, and I don't yet have a Macbook myself. However, you could try a clean install of Mac OS X. Unless someone else is able to give a different solution.


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Jun 7, 2007
If you're already having AHT pop up with errors, send it back and get a replacement (especially since you swapped out RAM once already and it didn't clear the errors).

If you want to keep it:
1) Reset SMC (
2) Repair permissions
3) If you're running ML, check out other threads because I've seen other people posting about sleep issues with ML