Not sure if Mac service centre replaced HD

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by moneyshot, Jun 11, 2012.

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    I have a 17"MBP and the HD was starting to fail. My warranty was one week out of date but after speaking with a Customer Relations Officer, Apple agreed to have the problem fixed under warranty. Anyway I took the laptop into my local Authorized Apple service centre and they apparently 'replaced' the Hard Drive. I say 'apparently' because Im slightly suspicious that they didn't actually swap the Hard Drive. Im sure they ordered the new part but possibly kept it for themselves.

    The computer was still working before so I can't tell without checking some serial numbers. They didn't give me the old drive, which they have done in the past when I have had the same problem.

    Anyway does anyone know if there is a way to check for the original HD serial number? Is it on the box somewhere? I can't seem to see it... I will call Apple in the morning and Im hoping they will have the HD serial number of the new one they sent to the authorized service centre so I can confirm the replacement.

    If anyone has some insight to add, I would be grateful!

    Many Thanks;-)
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    Only Apple could tell you the original S/N of the original HDD If you really are concerned, contact the rep you talked to to arrange the repair.

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