Not sure if my iPhone 4S has wifi and/or earpiece volume issues...

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  1. Zebulunite macrumors newbie

    Oct 11, 2011
    Hello all. Since purchasing an iPhone 4S last weekend, I've noticed a couple things that may or may not be hardware issues with my particular device.

    Initially I was getting extremely low wireless speeds connecting my iPhone 4S to my laptop via an ad hoc wireless connection. I ran many tests, and generally the 4S got a download result of 0.81 Mbps or very close to that. By comparison, my 2G iPod Touch would get download speeds at least 10 times that, and my laptop itself reported download speeds of 24 Mbps or over.

    For some reason, enabling 802.11n ad-hoc connections on my laptop (running Windows 7) boosted the download speed results on the 4S - but only to approximately 6 Mbps. Connecting my iPod Touch 2G to the same network, I generally see download speeds of nearly 8 Mbps or more, and as mentioned the laptop itself reports speeds of 24 Mbps or over. Upload speeds on all three devices (the 4S, the iPod Touch, and the laptop) are all about the same, at 4 Mbps or slightly over. The ping on the laptop is around 30 ms or below, on the 4S in the upper 30s, and on the iPod Touch generally at least double that, sometimes more.

    Conversely, when I tested both the iPhone 4S and the laptop on a campus wifi network earlier today, after setting both to the same server they scored nearly the same on all three measurements.

    So, I'm not sure what to make of these wireless results. On the one hand, the brief test on the campus wifi would seem to suggest there's nothing wrong with the 4S, but on the other hand it doesn't make any sense to me why the 4S would consistently fall behind an old 2G iPod Touch over an ad hoc wireless connection.

    Separately, after having used the 4S for a few days I noticed that it's earpiece volume *seems* lower than I would expect. Even with the call volume turned all the way up, the phone is far from "loud". That said, I don't have anything to directly compare it to – my previous phone was an LG EnV3, which of course is no longer operational since I upgraded my line to the 4S. Again, not having another iPhone to compare mine to I can't really say whether it is abnormally quiet. Do most people here with iPhone 4Ses keep its earpiece volume turned up all the way, or is it sufficiently loud enough that you generally use it on lower settings?

    In sum, between that anomaly in the wifi performance of my 4S and the potential (though maybe just imagined) earpiece volume issue, I'm not sure whether there's actually anything wrong with my 4S. Having just bought it last weekend at Best Buy, I'm still well within the return/replacement timeframe, but of course that would be hassle to some degree, and if the above aren't really hardware issues, than a waste of time altogether. Any thoughts on whether the above are in fact hardware defects?

    Edit: I tried 'reset all settings' earlier today, and didn't see any difference from the above.
  2. Leonard1818 macrumors 68020

    Nov 15, 2011
    go to BB and find someone (an employee) with the same phone and do a side-by-side for wifi connection and for earpiece volume. This should show you if yours is "normal" or not.

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