Not the greatest experience with SwitchEasy

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by atrac7, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. atrac7 macrumors regular

    Jun 14, 2010
    Around the weekend of last week (so the 8th, or 9th of Oct), I placed an order for a SwitchEasy Trim case for the iPhone 4s in black

    I went through the checkout process, and all was well. There was nothing about out of stock, backordered, delay in shipment, etc.

    Then on Monday/Tuesday after the weekend (so few days before iPhone 4s release that I had preordered), i get a shipping confirmation for the case. All is good...or so I thought. I tracked it a few times during the week, and it only had that crappy USPS "Shipment Scan in Cali", and then "Accepted in Montana"

    Friday rolls around, iPhone 4s comes in, and I have no case. Had to use a cheapo old case that I bummed from a family member. I thought, no biggy, it will come in on Saturday, or Monday at latest.

    Today (Monday Oct 17th), it did not arrive. I sent SwitchEasy an email asking if something got held up bla bla

    They email me back saying:

    "It was only processed ( that is why the tracking number, but there is nothing in the envelop to ship yet.
    Sorry for running out of stock on our most popular item,and Color Combination. The demand is just way to high, we literally can't make it faster than selling it.

    We anticipate the TRIM being back in our line up late Monday next week on the 24-th of October.

    Thank you"

    This ticked me off a lot. I can accept the fact that a company is doing well enough to run out of supply vs. demand. But why not note that on their website while I was checking out? WHY even send out an actual shipping confirmation email, with the exact words saying "YOUR PACKAGE HAS BEEN SHIPPED AND IS ON IT'S WAY, EST DELIVERY 1-4 DAYS"

    I find it very disappointing that a somewhat well known manufacturer like SwitchEasy would notify me about this backordered/supply constraint ONLY AFTER i emailed them. This is something I'd expect from seedy eBay sellers and low ranked merchants online. I emailed them back stating that I was unhappy with how this went, and have not heard back from them of course.

    I'm not looking for any advice or solutions to this, I am just wishing to put this out there for other people that may wish to order from this company. I would email them first and ask if their product is available because they sure as hell do not mention it on their behalf.

    All in all, what the company when ordering assured would be a week long process from order placement to ship to address, is now estimated to be a 3 week process given the shipping time from West Coast to the midwest. Not a good experience, and I won't really be ordering much from them anymore in the future.
  2. bighabeeb macrumors 6502

    Sep 30, 2010
    That sucks, hard. Unfortunately it's not an uncommon practice either. I've run into that many times, especially when ordering a popular or anticipated-soon-to-be-popular item.

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