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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by proflemon, Oct 16, 2009.

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    Oct 3, 2007
    I'm having a strange syncing issue between a Blackberry Curve and a MBP (2 MBPs, really).

    Phase 1: All contacts that I expect to see on my Blackberry Curve are on the BB as expected, but only some of the expected contacts are in Address Book on my MBP. I sync BB to the MBP (which is running OSX 10.4) via Missing Sync 1.0.3 (yes, I know BB just came out with its Desktop--see below). I hook up the BB, sync, and they end up not in sync as described above.

    Phase 2: I just got a new MBP (a diff MBP from the one mentioned above; this one running 10.6). Since BB just came out with its Desktop software and users seem happy with it (and Missing Sync is not free), I installed BB Desktop for Mac on the new, pristine MBP. I figured the BB has all the contacts I want (more than the older MBP's Address Book has), so might as well go BB via USB to new MBP (as opposed to migrate Addresses from old MBP to new MBP). So I synced through BB Desktop--and same results as in Phase 1: the Address Book on the new MBP is missing some of the contacts that the BB has.

    So 2 different syncing programs on 2 diff machines running 2 diff operating systems--and neither synching fully. And again, the BB still has all the contacts.

    On Missing Sync and BB Desktop for Mac, I see options to overwrite the BB with the laptop, but no option to overwrite the laptop with the BB (ideally I'd like to merge them rather than overwrite anything).

    It seems neither syncing program can "see" everything on the BB.

    Any ideas as to why/how to fix/work arounds?

    Thank you.
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    Oct 3, 2007
    If it's of any use to others, I ended up putting google sync on the Blackberry, then syncing with google over the air, then syncing google with the MBP.

    Oddly, all of the contacts on the MBP (having been downloaded from google) that were businesses ended up with their address cards being labeled as "unknown" (or maybe it was "no info" or "no name" or something like that)--but those "unknown" businesses were still listed in with the other contacts in correct alphabetical order (so, for example, the "unknown" card that was actually Apple was still listed after "Anderson"). All the info inside the card was correct. I ended up opening each "unknown" manually, clicked on Edit, made no changes at all, saved--and the business titles showed up correctly and in the alphabetical list.

    I then used Missing Sync to overwrite the handheld--and am now syncing with Missing Sync.

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