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    Edit 2: TIL that even when one begins a post through the words of a popular, comedic meme, and then proceeds to be blatantly contradictory, the internet will take OP seriously. /apparentlynotthecomedianyoudeservenortheoneyouneedrightnow

    Talk about first world problems! One of the things that makes Apple products such satisfying (potential) purchases is something termed "satisficing." Put simply, too much choice isn't actually a good thing, it leads to regret.

    I came over from Android with the iPhone 5. Before Apple I had the experiences of the HTC EVO (Sprint), the Motorola Droid X (Verizon), and the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Verizon). The only redeeming aspect of any of those phones, to me, was their screen size. I'd seen the iPhone, had had an iPod touch, and decided that as soon as the iPhone got a bigger screen I'd try one.

    The 5 came along with it's bigger screen, 4 inches was the smallest I felt adequate, so I tried it, wow! I loved it so much I ended up following the purchase with the first Retina MacBook Pro as soon as it was made available. I absolutely loved the iPhone 5, and when the 5s rolled along I jumped on it, sold the 5, and the iPhone 5s has since come to be my favorite gadget ever. What could make the iPhone 5s better? A bigger screen (but not too big), and better battery life!

    I've never been one to like phablets. An acquaintance had picked up a Galaxy Note that I found a bit repulsive. When Apple finally made their announcement of the two latest iPhones I realized that I might have a problem. I thought that I'd want the iPhone 6, and that the iPhone 6+ would be too big. Case closed, but wait! The most important feature aside (screen size) was slightly offset by the differing battery life, and the scale was tilted even more by the fact that the bigger bigger iPhone also has a slightly better screen and slightly more importantly a slightly better camera, oh, and the landscape mode is awesome.

    So what is a poor first world adult boy to do? I preordered the iPhone 6 Plus 128gb as it's plusses seemed to outweigh the ludicrousness of its phabletness. After all, I convinced myself, this way I'd never have to cave into buying that sexy iPad Mini Retina I've so often been tempted by. Only, Apple's supply couldn't really meet demand for the Plus preorders, that's not really the problem... The problem is that this caused me to head off to a store this morning to see if I could get the Plus early, before October. No, I can't, fine, but! I did get to hold and use both models.

    The iPhone 6 Plus is stupid. It isn't a phone, it is a tablet. Phablets are stupid, they're ridiculously big. Thus they're absolutely great, if you're willing to put up with how stupidly large they are. If you are, more power to you! You're lucky, you get to use a tablet for a phone. I don't want to use a tablet for a phone, though. The iPhone 6 is PERFECT in its size for a phone. I want an iPhone 6. I want to go buy an iPhone 6 right now in 128gb capacity, and I could. In space grey, just as I want. You know what though? If I do, I know I'll be missing out on a few things.

    If I do, I know I'll be missing out on the better battery life. Well boo to that. I know I'll have a slightly less magnificent screen. Well boo to that. I know I'll have a slightly less awesome camera (and really, I can almost understand the first deficiency, I completely understand the second, but no optical image stabilization on both models? Please). Finally, I know I won't get the awesome landscape mode, which, eh, the phone might be too small for... No, it isn't too small, actually, screw that, it should have the landscape mode, too.

    So now I know what I want. I want the iPhone 6 in space grey in 128gb, but I want it to have optical image stabilization, I want it to have the new landscape mode feature (which could have easily been made toggleable), I want it to have a comparable battery life to the Plus, and I wouldn't mind it have a slightly sharper screen, though, let's be honest about this last one, it's more counting pixels than a core improvement. Still, if the smaller of the two iPads is the iPad with a denser pixel count, the same should be true of their iPhones.

    Anyway, I was a bit miffed about the design of the new iPhone, the fact it retained such large bezels, the ugly bands on the back (which aren't nearly as bad in person thankfully), but I wasn't miffed enough to mention that on its own. The new iPhones are still better looking phones than most. I was very excited to see the jump in max capacity, and I'm generally happy with the new iPhone 6 line (I say generally because I'm sure like many of you the death of the dream, or rather pipe dream, of sapphire glass is still a bit fresh), but I'm not happy about Apple's latest move with the splitting of what at least feel to be core features of their phones.

    It's still easier to satisfice with Apple than it is via the Android route. As a person that has a long prior history with non-Apple OSs (Windows and Android) I can genuinely say I'm still very happy to be rid of them (they just feel so cheap in comparison). Yet, I see no reason why Apple should make us choose between features we want. I really don't want the phablet, but it's got some of the features I do want. Blah, what to do? First world problems!

    EDIT 1: TLDR: The new iPhones are great but my first world problem is that after fiddling with both models in store I want the iPhone 6 but don't want to have to go without some of the Plus features / benefits like the optical image stabilization, landscape mode (why not toggleable) and extra-improved battery life. Should I cancel my Plus preorder and grab the 6? /Wahhhhhh
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    I'm not sure what you posted but do you have cliff notes? I like my iPhone 6 from my iPhone 5 btw.
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    this is a pefect upgrade for a long time. i'm in the smae situation. got my bestbuy ticket when they opened this morning, come back after work to get it. :)
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    I have bad news for you, Apple released the iPhone 6S while you were typing that post.
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    Just wow. Someone has too much time in their hands and I'd BET, loves saying out loud what they wrote :))
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    Battery I understand since the 6+ physically has more space, but Apple definitely should've made the screen the same resolution and included OIS in the 6 as well - I'm sure it was to entice people to upgrade to the +. The 6 is still good enough for me, will prob buy it in a few months though.
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    I think it only lacks wireless charging.
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    It was in the last paragraph.

    It was in the last paragraph.

    Post of the day, good sir!:D
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    Why so angry bro!!?

    In all seriousness, grow the F up. How old are you? Waaaaaa...I don't like my phablet!!! There's a grown up solution for you, sell your phone (that you're unhappy with) and buy a new one.

    Problem solved.
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    >>The iPhone 6 Plus is stupid. It isn't a phone, it is a tablet. Phablets are stupid, they're ridiculously big.

    With logic and insight like that. . .
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    Thanks a lot. Now I'm laughing uncontrollably.
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    Dude...the iPhone 6 is an AMAZING phone thus far. The screen looks so much better than a 5. It's thin, light, feels good in your hand....if you're worried about not having the great screen resolution, don't let that be your worry.
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    ...and twice as much RAM ;-)
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    Your problem is that you don't like the 6+? Then don't order it. I didn't get my 6+ because out of the blue it was delayed Thursday mid day when it was suppose to deliver today. I even called Apple Wednesday night and they confirmed that everything was fine and that it was about to ship.
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    i love it when a new product is released. It brings a lll the trolls out.
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    Aside from many of you lacking an ability to laugh (and/or me being quite unfunny) everything worked out for the best and this first world denizen is happy with his 128gb iPhone 6

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