Not upgrading firmware


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Apr 24, 2007
I had a PSP for about a year and then the whole homebrew scene started with the 1.5 firmware. If you upgraded your firmware, you were out of luck (has changed since but besides the point). Luckily, I had never upgraded my firmware. So I was able to sell the PSP on eBay for more than I payed for it originally. I have not upgraded my iPhone firmware for this reason (still 1.0). I know that apple said they fixed bugs and other changes in their firmware, but I was thinking that maybe one of those changes locked out something. Maybe nobody has found out what it is. Maybe I am just being stupid. :) Should I upgrade or not?

(I definitely will upgrade once a major update comes out, just no point right now)


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Jul 1, 2007
Southern California
I see no reason to upgrade as nothing seems to be obviously addressed or different on the phone. Lots of people with a placebo but you may as well wait. Who knows what that last update really was beyond 'bug fixes' and all the hacks seem to still work from what i've read.


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Jul 6, 2007
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*shrug* it's your iPhone.

If you don't want to update it, don't.

I don't think you're missing out on much either way.