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    Certain threads in the Design and Graphics forum are of particular and widespread interest. They are listed here for easy reference.


    Design tips, links, sites, books, guides, resources and tutorials


    Clip Art & Stock Photo Recommendations
    Whats the most inspirational Digital Design book you own?
    good design magazines?


    Apple Logos
    The best logo designing program for mac?
    Choose your favorite logos.


    3d modeling/animation?
    What's your favourite 3D app?

    Design applications

    Paint Shop Pro clone for Mac
    Need to edit animated GIF
    Adobe Photoshop CS4 Crashes Constantly/For No Apparent Reason
    Quark Vs InDesign

    See also Links to Software Recommendation Threads in the Mac Applications forum.


    Identify this font
    Favorite Font(s)
    Ban Comic Sans
    Which font does Apple use for its logos/websites?
    Your most hated font....excluding Comic Sans


    How to get started in graphics design?
    Pros: Share one piece of advice for people starting out
    Custom it legal?
    Getting a full time graphic design job is difficult.
    Is print design on its death bed?
    ffffound invite?!


    Print portfolio advice...
    Best Mouse for a Graphic Designer?
    Graphics Tablets..Which one ¿
    Wacom Intuos vs Bamboo
    Photoshop CS5:" qualified" graphics card needed?


    Post your Illustrator creations

    Other threads

    To find the most popular threads in the Design and Graphics forum, you can display the forum sorted
    If you know of other Design and Graphics threads that match those shown here in purpose and popularity, please let us know using the Contact form. We consider each request but don't always accept recommendations.
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