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    Just another reason that I tend to love my Samsung devices over my Apple ones is the fact that I can easily replace the battery and back cover of my Note 4 with a thicker one in order to increase battery life. I know that the S6 and S6 Edge no longer have the removable batteries, but I think it is fair to point out that iPads, iPods, and iPhones have never had this feature. Just to show people what I mean, below is my Amazon review of the Anker extended battery for the Note 4.

    I was provided this case for free by Anker in exchange for an honest review.

    Overall this is an excellent battery. Inside of the package you get the extended battery itself, a thicker battery cover to accommodate the extended battery, an instruction manual, and a paper that outlines the warranty. Just to note, as is typical with all Anker products, this product includes a 30 day money-back guarantee as well as an 18 month warranty.

    Moving on to the actual extended battery. The battery is about double the thickness of the stock battery. In addition, I noticed that the Anker extended battery is actually slightly shorter than the original Samsung battery, but this didn't seem to cause any problems in terms of functionality. To install this battery, all you have to do it remove the stock Samsung back cover and battery, install the new Anker extended battery, and then snap on the new Anker thick battery cover. The Anker thick battery cover is made of a textured plastic that feels very solidly built but does make the phone a tad bit slippery when installed. Despite what other reviewers have said, I found that the Anker thick back cover snaps onto the phone firmly and felt very solid when installed. One thing to note is that this battery just about doubles the thickness of your Note 4.

    As for the battery life, I found that the Anker extended battery significantly improves the battery life of the Note 4. Usually, at the end of the day, I have 5%-15% of battery life remaining on my stock Samsung battery. With the Anker battery installed, I usually am left with 50%-60% battery life at the end of the day. From this, it can be deduced the the Anker extended battery approximately doubles your battery life. In addition, I was happy to find out that this battery DOES support the Note 4's fast charging feature.

    I rated this product with 4 out of 5 stars because of the fact that Anker doesn't include or even make a case to go with this extended battery. While the back cover that is provided is very good, it does nothing to protect the front of the phone. In addition, because the back of the phone is thicker due to the Anker thick back cover, you cannot use any of your normal cases due to the thicker size. Anker needs to make a case that can fit around the Note 4 with the Anker extended battery installed. While I have read that the Hyperion extended battery case work with the Anker extended battery, I am unable to confirm or deny this claim as I am currently waiting for my Hyperion case to ship. The Anker extended battery itself is incredible but the fact that there is no Anker-branded case to go with it is the reason for my rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

    All in all, this is an awesome product that effectively improves your battery life. The ideal user of this product is anyone who needs more battery life to get through the day. In addition, compared to other extended batteries for the Note 4, the Anker extended battery is definitely a force to be reckoned with. While companies such as Hyperion and ZeroLemon offer much larger capacity extended batteries, they do so at a much higher price point. Compared to its competitors, the Anker extended battery can be considered as the entry-level extended battery for the Note 4 due to its low price.





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    very, very, nice review, and I love Anker batteries myself. Been thinking of getting the normal size Anker battery just as an addition to the normal Samsung one for my Note 4.

    However , your statement about easily replacing the batteries on your Samsung/Note 4 devices may not hold true much longer in the next generation of Samsung devices - the new S6 doesnt have interchangeable battery and Im sure it will be like that for the Note 5 too :(

    A pity. It was one of the big factors setting them apart from Apple/HTC etc.
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    I’ve purchased many batteries for Note 4 and have one 3220mah anker battery which is good, but currently mainly use a 6440mah battery from mpj which is also a great choice.

    I was a bit skeptical about this 6440mah battery at first, but it's great! I'm using it for two days between charges, and maybe it's not the best SOT, but for now I want to testify that this battery is really excellent too.

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    Where do I sign up for free products to review on amazon?
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    I use an Anker extended battery as well - 5200 mAh with GS4 - and am also very happy with it. I never worry about losing charge even on heavy use days, and this is very liberating. It's a key reason I have not yet moved on from GS4.

    A couple of little things I would like to be different though:
    - I'd rather the back cover were textured rather than the shiny plastic they use.
    - Because of the simple cuboid shape of the extended battery (same length and width of the original battery, just more depth), there's a lot of empty space below the back cover (at least, there is with the GS4). I wonder if it's possible to use a more elaborate shape to fill this hollow space and make the extended-battery-equipped phone thinner.
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    That Anker rear case is too ugly. The Samsung one is bad enough. I have two normal sized anker batteries for my Note 4 and would rather carry these 2 batteries in my pocket than have that monstrosity on the back of my phone.

    How anyone can even contemplate this rear case let alone actually put one on their phone is beyond me. This is why some Android users will never understand products like the iphone.

    Have to say tho that Anker are a top quality company in terms of customer service. They are always my default choice for third party accessories.
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    I suppose for me, my phone is more of a utility than a fashion item. I feel this way about my laptop and tablet too.
    I'll probably feel differently about wearables, but I haven't started using them yet.

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