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Discussion in 'iPad' started by dbowlin17, Jun 29, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    I am going to college in the fall, and I am getting an iPad. I am looking for an application that I can use to take notes, in replacement of pen and paper during classes. I would also like to be able to annotate on PDF and export to PDF. Also, I use google drive to sync my documents, so if the app has the capabilities to sync with drive, that would be excellent.

    I am also looking for advice on a stylus to accomplish this task.

    Let me know your thoughts,


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    There is a big topic on this in the apps thread
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    I think you need more than 1 app to do this.

    1,Evernote. for text, image note. You can store any information you will use later. Evernote works in every device, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, PC. You can access your note anywhere.
    2, Goodreader for Documents. I think the app support google doc too. Read and annotate PDF, Word.... It works great on iPad.
    3, Memonote for notes you want to remember. There is some information we want to remember for later use, or exam. This app is build for this task.
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    annotate pdfs in, notability.
    almost no lag when using a stylus too.
    if you have the new ipad the retina ink is great.
    its really good app for notes, you can add voice memos with in your writen notes, which is great for meetings.
    also dropbox integration.

    really if you arent wanting to drop a bunch just the targus stylus works fine. the small the tip the better. Targus is fine for writing, not so great for scketching.
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    nightlong, i was just reading about it. i suppose that there are a plethora of good stylus', and i might consider the wacom stylus, as well as some other ones that i have read about, including the amazon cheap-o one (amazonbasic stylus)

    thanks for all your help
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    Hi. Evernote is where everything ends up (A great app for keeping yourself organized and taking text notes), but handwritten notes come from GoodNotes (I prefer it to Notability and other handwriting apps), annotated PDFs come from iAnnotate (I prefer it to GoodReader), and essays/papers come from Pages (The only app with footnotes).
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    I recommend Notability for note taking, iAnnotate for PDF annotation, and Evernote for ramdom notes. I also use Circus Ponies extensively for notes, but Notability is much better for hand writing.
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    Notability is the best imo, now on sell for c99
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