Note-Taking Application?


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Nov 6, 2007
Adirondacks NY
Devonthink pro and Macjournal are good.
I agree. I've used both. I really like DEVONthink. If I were in college, I'd use it to manage notes, pdfs, presentations, bookmarks, web archives, or whatever resources related to a course. You can easily dump almost any file into it. DEVONthink comes in several versions. Pro Office includes integrated OCR making it easy to enter scanned text into but it is pricy $112.46 academic. The Pro version drops the OCR and email archiving and costs $60 academic. There are yet less expensive versions: Personal ~$37.50 academic and DEVONnote ~$19. If you buy one version, you can upgrade to more advanced at a fair price.

Consider Circus Ponies Notebook as well. It is more intuitive and quite capable. It can mange a variety of resources and clippings as well as audio recording. It costs $30 academic.


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Dec 26, 2007
VoodooPad is also a good program. You might also consider Evernote.

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