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    Dear All,

    Im looking for some good software that i can take some notes on for my college classes. Now when i say notes. i don't mean during lectures. Im a pencil and paper kind of guy when it comes to that. Im looking for a way to digitally condense my notes. Ive tried using word, openoffice, pages etc. but these just don't "feel" right. Im looking for something that gives me more room for formatting other than paragraph form. Im also working with some pretty complex physics equations. So i would like to have an equation editor built in.

    Im usually allowed a paper crib sheet for my tests at my college. (btw a crib sheet is a piece of paper that you can bring into the test and write whatever you want on it) So im looking for a way to condense my semester notes into a couple of sheets of paper.

    Any suggestions for dedicated software?

    btw pages, openoffice, etc could be the right thing to use but maybe i just haven't found the right workflow
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    Learn LaTeX. If you're a Physics major then you'll end up using it in your professional career for papers anyway.

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