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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by djlutzker, Jun 17, 2010.

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    Sep 25, 2006
    Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Hey guys! I´m Ian from Argentina again. I´m in a big trouble right now. I´ve switched to apple since 2007. Up to date i have a 2009 24" Alu iMac and 1 month ago i´ve sold my MacBook Pro 2008 15" cause of the problems of the GeForce 8600GT. Now i´ve decided that i only prefer one computer, a notebook, cause i can use it at home with an external display, back up the entire disk with an external drive and then take it on my back pack keeping all the info in one place. So im selling the imac too.

    I've switched to mac for DJ'ing purposes, but nowdays, i don't mix anymore, i'm only using the computer for internet, office, music, movies and photos.

    So, i want to buy my next netbook, and i want it to be my main computer and also hope it to last at least 3 years for an upgrade.

    I have U$S1700.- from the PRO. I dont want to spend more because i want to save the money from the imac.

    Here are the cost of Apple Notebooks here (Argentina)

    13" MacBook White Mid 2009 (Pre Unibody) C2D 2.1 GHZ / 2 GB RAM / 160 GB HDD: U$S 1000.-

    13" MacBook White Late 2009 (Unibody) C2D 2.26 GHZ / 2 GB RAM / 250 GB HDD: U$S 1200.-

    13" MacBook White Mid 2010 (Unibody) C2D 2.4 GHZ / 2 GB RAM / 250 GB HDD: U$S 1400.-

    13" MacBook Pro Mid 2009 (Alu Unibody) C2D 2.26 GHZ / 2 GB RAM / 160 GB HDD: U$S 1500.-

    13" MacBook Pro Mid 2010 (Alu Unibody) C2D 2.4 GHZ / 4 GB RAM / 250 GB HDD: U$S 1700.-

    I know, they are extremly expensive, but we are at the end of the world. :mad:

    On the other hand, i've received a newsletter from Citibank with an offer for an HP Notebook:

    HP DV4-2028LA

    It cost U$S 1250.- with the offer and i also have 15 months to pay it.

    I love apple, but they are very expensive for a Core 2 Duo, what should i do? The HP offer ends Wednesday 30 of June.

    Sorry for the extensive thread. Thank you so much! I'm very appreciated!
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    Your tasks are pretty light so you don't need the power what HP has. MacBook's biggest advantage is enormous battery life and HP doesn't even mention the battery life so I would guess less than 5 hours.

    I would get the late 2009 MacBook and upgrade the RAM to 4GB from aftermarket. It has decent battery life (7 hours) and 9400M is fine for you
  3. alust2013 macrumors 601


    Feb 6, 2010
    On the fence
    It sounds like any of those would do for your computing needs. I think I would recommend the 09 unibody as well, or the 2010 version if you want the extra battery life. The HP isn't too bad of a deal, IMO, but I am just not a fan of that computer. It's a bit heavier than the MB, and quite a bit thicker. Plus it has a giant battery to get anywhere near the life of the MB.

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