Notes missing in iCloud

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    I have a note on my iPod Touch. In the iCloud settings, I turned the Notes feature on. On the iCloud page from my desktop, however, the only choices are Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My iPhone, and iWork. What am I missing? Why aren't the notes there?
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    Aug 24, 2010
    OK, I figured out that you can get notes to show up in the iCloud Mail by going to the Notes settings and choosing iCloud as the default account. But I don't see how to write a note in the iCloud Mail so that it will show up on the iPod. Anyone know how to do that? It shouldn't be such a difficult thing to do.
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    Notes missing in iCloud

    I spent a few hours writing up some notes in the OS X notes app... and they are just gone...

    I close the app, then checked it on my phone... and *poof* gone...

    No love...

    Can't trust iCloud...

    I've seen this happen with my email too... (But before people start flaming me... I'll be sure to keep that for another thread...) :D

    REALLY disappointed... but as apple's product quality has really dropped... I'm not surprised... (Since upgrading to Mountain Lion; I've had nothing but problems with time machine, and random freezes with Safari... Oh yeah... another thread too... LOLZ)

    Wow... it's so disappointing I don't even have words. I can no longer trust the OS I've been trusting for years... I feel so betrayed... haha (I feel like a total idiot for having bought all these apple products...)


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