Notes (mountain lion) vs evernote


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Sep 4, 2010
Which do you guys go for? I want to put most of my notes into one application.

Pre-ML/the latest evernote update, evernote was fairly clunky and full screen mode was rubbish.

However they've REALLY upped their game pre-ML release... and now its touch and go to which one I pick.

Any opinions from you guys as to which gets your choice?

This is a free EN subscription btw.. not premium


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Apr 15, 2009
I've used EN for a while. Since moving to ML, I've opted to just try and use Notes. It's pretty good, since I can create folders [Notebooks in EN]. It will also sync with my phone and MBP, so that's why I tried it. I don't do a lot of embedded images, and videos, etc. so it's not anything I missed.

My one gripe with EN [and now Notes], is not being able to assign reminders from within the App itself. Kind of like a follow-up/tickler. I guess that's for


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Dec 29, 2011
I use Evernote primarily because it is available both for Mac and iPad. Since I use both devices at work (taking notes and such), I really must have the ability to sync across multiple devices. Evernote makes that much easier.


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Jun 28, 2012
Evernote, mainly because I can use it with far more devices, such as my first-gen iPad, Android phone and Windows laptop.


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Jul 13, 2008
Notes looks like something you'd get free with a cheap E-Machines PC with XP back in 2003. And it acts like something that just figured out there was an intertubes thing. It's embarassing.

EN may not be your notetaker of choice, but it does photo or audio notes, syncs reliably, works on tons of platforms, tags (which can be found by other applications) and more. You have much more control over it, and it works with lots of other applications (my scanner goes right into it, for example).

Not only that, but it has terrific even reads vertical text. And there are voice transcription services you can use with it.

And the app is far superior on the iPhone as well.

It's not really a fair contest.


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Mar 20, 2004
"Between the Hedges"
The fact that I can use Evernote on my work PC has its advantages
There is just so much I use Evernote for, it is essential to me

The Notes app is ok for just keeping bits and pieces of info I need, but it can't replace everything I do with Evernote