Notes 'on my iphone' cannot move to icloud/imap

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  1. autumnstar macrumors newbie

    Oct 5, 2013
    I was trolling forums to find if anyone has an answer to this. Apparently not, because its not possible.

    I recently got a MBP. I have been using iPhone for 4 years and the yellow notes app before icloud. I had notes on my iphone + on my gmail account. After getting the MBP, I decided to organise my items better and wanted to put all the notes in one sync space. I moved those notes on my gmail account to icloud and now use icloud as my default account for notes. However, those notes that are 'on my iphone', ie previously written before icloud came into play, are still stuck on my iphone with no way to move to my icloud.

    I read many solutions like copying and pasting or using a program to export/move/transfer these notes but some of these programs don't allow my note to go back to the original date/time, ie the time I wrote it, and I can't find anything that does.

    I hope Apple can address this issue to make it easier for us to just move those 'on my iphone' notes as easily as it was to move from imap to icloud.
  2. btempleton macrumors newbie


    Jul 19, 2015
    After all this time Apple have eventually added "Move" to Notes in iOS9.
    No longer do our "On My iPhone" Notes have to be orphaned so I've now got 4,842 Notes in iCloud :)
    Also, when the Notes are moved, they retain their original date.

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