Notes vs google docs vs yahoo mail? for keeping photo diary days.

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    l had a openoffice 'text' file which was used for a diary. it got to 100MB and refused to open. luckily got an older version of it ~87MB which can be opened, l am splitting up diary to reduce its size, decided, use open office just for text for now on and if photos I either use notes app, google docs or yahoo email for those ''days. I prefer notes, as it easily accepts photos, needs no internet, can export as pdf, Question is, will it become unstable and refuse to open if it gets above 100MB. my 5GB of icloud has all been used up, but does that matter?
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    I find that I always go back to Google for everything. It can handle anything you can throw at it.
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    Not Yahoo. Too many ads. Too many successful hacking attacks. I don’t know how anyone trusts or uses those jokers.

    Others seem about the same.
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    Just avoid yahoo at all cost, too many security breaches and tons of ads.
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    Just checked onenote search abilities and immediately compared it to open office or libre office, onenote unfortunately fails to search text which is in the note, this is essential feature, tested about 5 different phrases, and it got 3/5, office software got 5/5, so its libre office, definitely more stable than openoffice. thanks everyone for suggestions :)

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