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    Jan 10, 2005
    I have a prediction on how 'Notes' will work. I am guessing that the notes you take on the iPhone will just go in a Notes folder inside the main drive of the iPhone when it mounts on the desktop, sort of like on iPod. Perhaps they will come out as an rtf file with text graphics if you do a freehand note, but probably Notes will just let you type with the keyboard. However, it would make sense that you could gank a bunch of word, pdf, rtf, txt, xls files into this folder and view them on the iPhone. Why restrict the phone to only viewing pdf and such from a piece of webmail, and what else would this app do really besides let you tap out messages for later, if not this? In any case, this thing has to ship with a freeform document viewer. And I bet even the testers don't have a few features yet, they are keeping this firmware internal and secret, they are hiding things from us - the next time the testers sync after the next announcement, they will get new functionality. That, or Notes really does work this way but they haven't announced it yet.

    Think about the two apps we've never seen demoed yet - Camera, Notes. The announcement I'm really waiting for is full porting of all existing popular widgets, perhaps all out there, to iPhone. Apple just needs to certify each one that it works, and then release a bunch each week. That way Jobs can keep being a control freak, and we can get an iPhone that can instantly machine-translate over the internet, pull movie times, etc. You know this sort of functionality is coming. And other phones cower in fear. After closely watching demoes of the LG Prada and HTC Touch in action today, it is even more obvious that the iPhone does not have any actual competition.
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    you forgot iCal... we haven't seen it yet either...

    but about notes, it would only make sense for it to create/edit word files. Excel might be a little challenging on such a small screen (certainly possible i suppose), but there's really no reason at all why word files shouldn't be out of the question. If you can open them in mail and you can type stuff out in other programs than you could definitely use a mini version of microsoft word. I'm not expecting anywhere near a full version... maybe something just like TextEdit that can save word docs, but there should at least be something along those lines.
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    Jun 13, 2007
    also... why was office 2008 delayed so long for mac? - developers were working on an iphone version!

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