Notesmartly Beta for Mac - Available Now. A Smarter Way to Organize Your Stuff.

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    Notesmartly, a productivity app to organize your stuff is now available on Mac App Store. We started Notesmartly to revolutionize productivity. We strive to improve and simplify the way people capture, annotate, and recall all the ideas, thoughts and plans in their life. Notesmartly is the ultimate tool to get organized, but it’s not complete if it’s not instantly available everywhere.

    Pasadena, CA, November 23, 2014 --( Notesmartly Inc today launched its productivity app for Mac. The app is designed for the unique desktop computing experience and intended for personal use. Primarily it makes getting organized a breeze.

    The Notesmartly App provides productivity tools like task management, notes management, information sharing, collaboration and collection etc. The platform supports representation of information as audio, videos, photos, clip art. You can annotate through custom drawing tools and text. Never lose context with the smart Notebook, which allows tasks scheduling to happen at the source of information. A “ScribbPad” for sketching your ideas and a “WideBoard” for your collaboration needs. One of the other interesting features for short term storage is called “Scratch” that handles data having value only for short duration and is meant to be discarded thereafter.

    The personal version of the application is already available for free download on iPhone and iPad and will soon launch the enterprise version of the application.

    Also the launch of apps running on other platforms like Android and Web will be announced very soon.

    About Notesmartly Inc.

    Notesmartly Inc is a creator and provider of the Notesmartly Platform. One of the first action oriented platform that allows business and individuals to be more productive and action oriented. Integration of different types of data in one, easy to use interface opens the possibility of numerous use cases.


    To learn more about Notesmartly, please contact
    Hunter, Media Relations
    Notesmartly Inc
    Pasadena ,CA
    Office: (626) 768 0724

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    Do you want to trust a service with your data when they use language like this on their website?

    With plenty more writing that is shockingly bad on their Privacy Policy:

    Not to mention that their Mac app is just a wrapper. And here is the FAQ "embedded" into it:

    They also spell their name differently all over the place.

    I have a feeling they will never get out of BETA and will be gone within three months once they figure out how much this service is going to cost them.
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