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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Dragomer, Dec 17, 2013.

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    I have a current gen Macbook Air running Mavericks, and an iPhone 5s running the latest iteration of iOS7. Here is my issue:

    I get a notification for an email on my iCloud account while I'm using my Macbook Air and I either delete it or read/respond to it using the default mail application. This obviously makes the notification bubble on the mail app in my dock go away. However, later when I open my iPhone the notification for the mail is there even if the message has been deleted or read. The only way I can get the notification to go away is if I open the mail app on the iPhone, and or clear them from notification center on my phone.

    I funnel a lot of email accounts into my iCloud one and get upwards of 100 emails a day (big deal right ? haha! :cool:) *sarcasm* and it is just annoying to have to dismiss the notification first on my Macbook Air, and then later on my iPhone. It is frustrating to unlock my phone and see 10 email notifications from the past hour that have been death with already on my Mac. This also works vice versa from the iPhone to the Macbook.

    Any ideas?
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    Other than turning them off on either the Mac or iPhone? Not for now. Notifications are not a cloud-based function.

    You might leave Notifications on, but turn off Badges ("notification bubble") on one device or the other, on the theory that you may not need it on both Mac and iPhone. My mail traffic is such that the badge would never go away - at that point, it's just a matter of whether you need to see an accurate count of the unread mail. I don't, though you may.

    If you're using Alerts rather than Banners, you might consider switching to Banners on one device or both (Alerts stay on screen until dismissed, Banners don't accumulate). At least the way I work, I'm just using Banners to monitor incoming mail traffic. If I miss something, I'm going to be opening Mail anyway within 15 minutes or so.

    Would it nice to see Notifications added to iCloud? Yeah. It's another item to be stuffed in Apple's suggestion box.
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    Aug 6, 2009
    Great idea! I had completely forgot about the app badge... Thanks a lot!

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