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    My home button has been dying, and my upgrade isn't until April. I do not want to jailbreak my phone (and install activator) because the current jailbreak is tethered and iBooks does not work.

    With App Switcher I can access some cool stuff, but I would like a shortcut to the homescreen.. but I don't know if that's possible.

    I have seen the home screen shortcuts ( that lets you make shortcuts to your settings. Has anyone figured out how to make a shortcuts to things that AREN'T settings? (This is useful because even without the home button, I can get to Safari from the notification center. Then I could use bookmarks to get to my other apps, or the home screen :)

    Let me know if you have any answers or suggestions!

    You can use iPhone URL schemes to access a lot of apps. Here are two great websites for URL schemes:

    Update 2:
    An untethered jailbreak was released for the iPhone 4. I believe iBooks still does not work while jailbroken.
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    Which iOS do you have? A coworker showed me an Accessibility feature that floats a button on the screen that you can touch to get back home. I think it only works on iOS 5 though.


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