Notification Centre - Duplicate Notifications from separate sources


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Feb 19, 2015

Not so much of an "issue", but something I imagine a few people have come up against. I currently have my Facebook account linked to my Mac...and Messenger...and Pushbullet, so at times, I'm receiving the same notification three times.

Ideally, I'd want messages to come through Messenger, with any general notification showing up on Facebook. I'm not really sure what to do about Pushbullet as it has its uses with other apps.

Anyone got around this?


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Jan 25, 2012
As far as Pushbullet is concerned, you can disable certain apps in the Preferences within the app, so turn off Facebook there.

For Facebook vs Messenger I'm not too sure, I'm assuming you actually mean Messages and the native Facebook notifications in OS X? I can't find a way to change which notifications Facebook sends to the Mac (which is why I've turned it off myself)