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Jul 23, 2008
Beach Cities, CA
So, whenever I used to get notifications (PMs, quotes, etc) I would get a notified at the top right. I would know what the notification was until I hit the drop down arrow and select the one that's bolded. However, the past couple of days, that arrow has disappeared. Clicking on notifications doesn't do anything. If it's a PM, I can easily view that. But, if it's a quote notification, it's not easily accessed. I've quit safari, logged in and out. The only thing that works is if I use Google Chrome. Any ideas?


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Jul 28, 2011
Googles Chrome Broswer is incredibly fast, stable, & as of late they've developed many excellent & unique extensions & apps.

While I've generally had good experiences with Safari, I've not experienced any crashes, or instability with Chrome in well over a year. Running on both my Macs & PC's I like the convenience of syncing Chrome across all my computers.

Another excellent feature with some little touches like how fast & easy it responds to a switch between full screen & STD views, which adds to the positive experience.

Thanks Google :D