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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by kerosene, Apr 4, 2015.

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    Haven't been able to find much information on this topic, but to me it seems a good set of filters is essential to making this product useful, if we don't want to cultivate the bad habit of raising the arm and 'checking the time' for every random nuisance message.

    So, any infos on the following avaiable?

    • easy toggling on/off receiving messages?
    • possible to toggle on/off messages from select contacts only (e.g. VIP group/Emergency)?
    • possiblility to hide message content, so only fact that message is received, and then choice of displaying name, or only signalling e.g. message from VIP group available (for viewing somewhere more private on the iPhone, Mac or iCloud)?
    If these sets of functionalities are available, it's probably possible to get some usefulness out of the :apple:Watch - but I fear we'll soon see lots of people not only all the time distracted by new messages, but also in self-lock with their arms while fumbling on the digital crown to communicate via the watch.


    Overall I think Apple has put way too much functionality in this thing. It would have been much better to keep it simple and make it a device for purely glancing at very specific information. The iPhone is much better for interaction.
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    You can already set up your notifications in detail. I have a Pebble and I have fixed my settings on the iPhone to only notify me for 2 of my 8 email accounts. I also stopped getting a message every time I am tagged on Facebook. I do not think the watch will need to have a separate interface since the phone already has it.

    There IS a setting so you must touch the watch to open the notification.

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