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    Hi all,

    I need develop an Iphone application which can notify the user got how many new messages come in and unread. Anyone has any idea or suggestion to do this?

    In fact, this application is coorperate with a website (Web service). That is when there is a new message created in the website, then the user of the apps will get notified.

    The main thing is when users open the apps, they can know they have how many new messages. For example, if they have 2 new messages, then beside a icon will show number (2) of new messages and users then can navigate to "Message Page" to read new message.

    Anyone has idea or suggestion to do this ?

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Thanks. :)
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    This is not something build in an hour.
    You will need to througly learn through your Push Notification.
    Your server/webservice needs to connect with Apples APNS (Push Notificaiton Service), via a SSL certificate.
    After, in your app (you will need to at least try some tutorials on the internet). for connecting your device to your server, sending his device token (special token for APNS).
    After, you need to send a special APNS from your java Backend, you need to send a payload, but this all explained really really really well on the online docs from Apple.
    So i'd recommand reading through all that a bit ^_-
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