Nov 6 - Traded iphone 6 for iphone 5s

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by fugly1000, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. fugly1000 macrumors newbie

    Sep 15, 2014
    Sorry guys. I couldn't handle the iPhone 6 anymore. So big, and slippery. I missed the one hand use. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are great phones. But just too big, for my daily use. My hands would hurt from holding it sometimes. Idk, anybody else in the same boat?
  2. ParishM macrumors regular


    Aug 12, 2007
    Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
  3. Ann P macrumors 68020

    Jun 29, 2009
    Nope, I have child hands and have been operating the 6 just fine.
  4. trifid macrumors 65816


    May 10, 2011
    Same here, I could live with the 6 fine but every time I went back to the 5s, it felt so much more comfortable. Since it's harder to sell the 5s because of so many cheap prices out there, I decided to sell the 6 and stay with 5s for now.

    I miss the big screen a bit for some things, but I don't really miss the 6 much.

    The 5s is a beast in speed, and the camera is better than the 6 (no paint-like artifacts)

    I think my biggest issue with 6 is that 4.7" isn't large enough to justify the upgrade, I really wish it were 5" or 5.1" like the Galaxy, then sacrificing one-handed use for a bigger screen would make more sense.
  5. fotomarc macrumors regular


    May 8, 2014
    Melbourne, Australia
    My hands aren't that big and I can comfortably hold the 6 plus, without it slipping. A soft silicone case is all you need! I dropped my old iPhone 5 many times and it can be just as slippery with the wrong case, or no case! I love the bigger screen size and can easily scroll one handed.

    Choose whatever suits you!
  6. itsmemuffins macrumors 68030


    Jun 23, 2010
    I could never go back to the 5s after the 6. Never! Everything is so much better on the 6. And the screen is just miles better too.
  7. fugly1000 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 15, 2014
    Yeah, the iPhone 6 was too big for me. The phone made me use two hands and sometimes, i had to make room in my pocket for the phone. Also, the protruding camera was bothering me. I wonder why the iPad air 2 is thinner and the camera isn't protruding. But as i stated earlier. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus are great phones. Just not for me and daily use.
  8. blacksurfer macrumors regular

    Mar 15, 2011
    What lucky person got a 6 for an old 5S? Did they also give you cash also?
  9. sviato macrumors 68020


    Oct 27, 2010
    HR 9038 A
    It looks like he sold the 6 and kept his 5s.
  10. ucfgrad93 macrumors P6


    Aug 17, 2007
    Gotta go with what works best for you. Enjoy your 5s, OP.
  11. fugly1000 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 15, 2014
    Yeah, traded with with my brother. He's loves the size.
  12. Hustler macrumors 6502


    May 31, 2010
    Nope. With the leather Apple case it's still great to hold size wise for me, and it's grippy now.
  13. RafixPhoenix macrumors regular

    Dec 30, 2013
    You could have just learned to adapt. The 6 Plus was at first too big for me as well but in a matter of time I quickly got used to the size and will never go back to the 5s size.
  14. mofoliar macrumors regular


    Mar 31, 2010
    i have small hands and would never go back to the 5s,especially looking at it and the 6 plus,no thx...also i got a apple leather navy blue,good grip!!also just picked up an incipio case,look forward in comparing the 2
  15. asleep macrumors 68040


    Sep 26, 2007
    I still have all of my old iPhones and am considering it...

    For a reason that's inexplicable to me, I've fumbled and dropped the i6 more times in a few weeks than I have all of my others combined over years. Thankfully it's been onto rugs and carpeting.

    It's only marginally bigger than the 5s, and why would bigger = more droppable (you'd think the opposite)... so I can't explain it.

    I am getting tired of hitting the volume & power buttons simultaneously. Prefer power on top for i6.

    I really enjoy the Magpul case and am hoping that will "fix" the form factor for me.
  16. 12vElectronics macrumors 68040


    Jul 19, 2013
    There are times I really do miss the size of the iPhone 5/5S. But, I don't think I could ever go back.
  17. Brian Y macrumors 68040

    Oct 21, 2012
    I'm a pretty average size and I love the 6+. I'd find it hard going back to anything smaller. I wish the power button was on the top though. Not because I find it hard to push - but because I keep trying to power off my iPad by turning the volume down!
  18. matthew.clayton macrumors newbie

    Nov 7, 2014
    Recently changing from a HTC one, the 6 feels,like the perfect size for me.
  19. lrsone macrumors 6502


    Jul 12, 2012
    I'm coming from an iPhone 4, I've used my mom's iPhone 5S a couple times. I have pretty small hands. But after getting a 6 I could never go down to a smaller phone. Even now using my mom's 5S it feels too small. And I don't have really large hands once again.
  20. Tone7888 macrumors newbie

    Sep 13, 2014
    You have to go with what's best for you. Me personally I was waiting for the 6 plus for a long time. But others like the 6 better and some the 5s. Apple offers them all for that reason.
  21. Angler macrumors regular

    Mar 26, 2011
    I think the 6 is the best phone yet, love everything about it.

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