Novice needs help setting up hard drives.

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by newportmac, Dec 4, 2007.

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    Could someone help me get a better understanding of how to set up hard drives for video editing. I have a 1TB drive that I use for archiving my 50 home movies that have not been edited yet. I figured the $250 I paid for it was cheaper than burning dozens of DVD's... not to mention a lot easier. I have a couple of 500GB drives that I have about 25 home movies on each. Each of those drives are about 3/4 full. When I start a new project, I import video from those drives into Premier and then edit. I save the project on my OS drive. It is my understanding that just saving the project on the OS drive does not actually bring the video over from my 500GB drive.. just refrence points. I am thinking of buying a raptor and importing the video off the 500GB onto the raptor. I will leave the project on the OS drive along with Premier. Is this a good idea. I understand that the video editing program should be on the OS drive and the video on another. But I am thinking in terms of bringing just the video I need off the 500GB onto the raptor would be a cleaner way to work with the video for that project is this what they call a scratch disk). Could somoen let me know if I am doing this correctly. If you could keep it simple that would be great.
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    Unless you are actively using footage there's no real reason just to let it sit on your HDD. Keep the tapes you shot on a shelf (and numbered) and once you finish a project record a "master copy" onto tape and put that on the shelf. All HDDs will fail so you never want to have your only copy of the footage be on a HDD.

    Keeping the video footage on separate drives from the operating system and programs is the correct thing to do. Besides that, I'm not exactly sure what question you were asking.

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    - Correct

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