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iOS Novice seeks sample code


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Jul 3, 2015
Hey all, I've dabbled for a while with iOS but I'm interested in diving in. I was hoping to find a sample code library of simple code for various programs. Anyone know of such a library? I've seen a few, including the official one, but I was specifically looking for examples of integrating stopwatch output data into a model and then into a CSV database.

I would appreciate any insight! Thanks.


May 1, 2010
That probably doesn't exist. Unless it's something that is common enough for someone to write and post up somewhere, it's not likely to exist.

Most examples are done to show how a certain thing works. Getting data from a stopwatch and putting it into a certain database doesn't sound like it would have been done.

You'll probably find something for a stopwatch and you will find many about storing data, but finding something that specific is not likely.

Google around and you might find something, but most likely, it'll be just parts that you'll have to figure out how to stick together.

One other source is to search for someone selling their code, google some of those sites and you might find something related. Most samples are much more general that what you're asking for.


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Oct 12, 2009
There isn't anything that exists in one place. You need to learn how to break down your app into smaller parts and attack them on an individual level. Need to connect to a server? Ton's of examples. Need parse what the server sent you? Ton's of examples. Need to store data some how? Ton's of examples.


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Jul 29, 2003
Silicon Valley
I was hoping to find a sample code library of simple code for various programs.

There is plenty of simple code in various iOS tutorials.

But what you are looking for is far from simple. When you can break what you are looking for into several dozen smaller steps, with a clean well defined interface and data format between each step, then then the likelihood that you can find sample code equivalent to those much simpler steps might increase.

If you can't do that (break your project into reasonable steps), either learn how, or pay up to $250/hour to hire an experienced developer to write your example for you.
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