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Sep 30, 2006
New Jersey
I am a novice - don't know one thing - in web design and would like to request reviews of the Freeway 4 and other web creation software. What are the better products out there. I would also appreciate reviews of web hosts that accomodate novices. Thank-you.:rolleyes:


Aug 23, 2005
I love freeway.

I'm experienced with website, and developed a huge amount with oldies on the pc like Frontpage and Dreamweaver, but years of using these programs I yearned for a website creation program that didnt rely on grids and the restrictions these cause.

Freeway allows you to layer graohics, text, in such a creative and FREE WAY that it takes the headache completely off the user.

Creating transparent images in photoshop and dragging them in and preserving that information saves so much headaches.

BUT with all the creativity it gives you, it does have issues too.

Freeway instinctivly takes your page and sorts out all the html for you, but there are times when you need to manually edit HTML and this can be fidly with freeway.

Dragging and dropping files from photoshop was a breeze before the universal version of freeway was released. Since then its a pain.I often use the rosetta version instead.

So a great program overall, and if you are a new user, go for FREEWAY EXPRESS

Their should be a trial that you can give it a shot before commiting anyway.


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Apr 19, 2005
I'd suggest starting with iWeb or RapidWeaver, and when you have mastered them, move on to an application such as Adobe GoLive or Deamweaver. :)

I would also appreciate reviews of web hosts that accomodate novices
Check out TJR Networks. There are plenty of tutorials on the site to show you how to do things in CPanel. As for learning the basics of design, you would be best to check out HTML Dog (though not essential if you are using iWeb or RapidWeaver as they are very much simple, beginner applications). Doing is the best way of learning web design. :)