Now add the stock ios iphone apps to the ipad


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Jan 9, 2011
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Want that calculator, clock, weather, stock, compass and voice memo app that comes with the iphone on your ipad?

Download Belfry from Bigboss on Cydia. Personally, I can't stand them, but I know some people were looking for them to put on their ipads. Enjoy.:D


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Mar 30, 2011
Anyone install this yet? Can you choose which apps you want or do you have to get all of them?


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Apr 5, 2010
Don't really care about the stock apps, but would like to see the weather widget make it's way over.


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Oct 27, 2009
Does weather work in notification center?
Nope, I don't see an option to include Weather in the notifications settings. No Weather icon shows up in list. :(.

I even tried to reset once more, still nothing. The app itself works flawless tho, which I like cause it's hard to find a good free weather app without ads.

I just installed it. You get all the apps. It also ended up scrambling all my other apps all over the place. Deleted the tweak and reset up all my pages. PIA
It created a separate page with just these apps on it. The page happened to be in the middle instead of making it the last page. I only had 2 pages, now 3 with these apps on the 2 page. I think I got lucky cause my first page is nothing but folders. I think this tweak tries to put the apps in it's original place.
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Apr 18, 2010
No issues. I only got it for the clock. Is it right to assume the alarm works when the app is not in the multitasking bar like the iPhone?


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Jun 19, 2009
When I installed the clock app on my 4.3.3 jailbreak, it worked fine, just like any other iPhone app on the iPad. It opened 1x and you could scale it 2x. With the apps in the Belfrey, the clock (and other apps) were full screen but the graphical elements were sized/placed wrong with overlapping buttons etc. All I want is the clock app so I removed Belfrey and will keep looking.

Back when I was running 4.3.3, I had both my phone and iPad jailbroken so I could copy the MobileTimer app from my phone and put it on my iPad. Now, because of work reasons, I can't jailbreak my phone so I can't get my 5.0.1 version of the MobileTimer. Can someone upload that somewhere?


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Jan 1, 2012
anyone know how to delete these? i installed it, some dont even open and they dont have an x on to delete. ive got cydelete installed.
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