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    So I was one of the ones last week that was able to apply and get the Apple Card, and have been using it via Apple Pay since Wednesday of last week, and today as I type, my Physical Card was delivered at the house, so I am anxious to get home and open that envelope up lol.

    But the idea of a card with no fee's, etc made me wonder why Apple would get into the card business then it hit me over the weekend. The fact that once you get the card and get used to using it, is another reason that you are stuck into the Apple Eco System which guarantees you stay with Apple for yet another reason. Since you cant have the card without having a iOS Device.

    Good Call Apple lol. DAMN YOU!! haha
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    LOL yeah... I thought that was obvious from the beginning :D
  3. maniacmedia, Aug 12, 2019
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    That, and the interchange fees. The fees charged to the vendor when you use your card. They get to double up on them if you use the cash back via your Apple Cash Card. I covered that part in an article not too long ago.
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    You know I didn't notice to check but could you have the apple card without an iphone? I.E. just using an ipad...???

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    There's a YouTuber "Proud Money" who did a video of applying and being approved on an iPad.
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    I've been also thinking of some things since a lot of people who geek out about credit cards complain about the perks not being as good as the Citi Double Cash or the various Chase offerings and so on, but I think it's a very Apple-like decision to offer some simple rewards that are good, maybe not the best, work well with the ecosystem, and are in a well-designed package (software especially). The majority of people getting this probably only have a couple of cards and aren't visiting forums and sites that review and obsess over cards (although there are some).

    In some ways, it feels very much like any Apple—someone else probably makes something that is objectively more powerful, offers more specific features, more options, etc., but may trade simplicity for those.
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    Yes, it's clear that Apple is not targetting "credit card geeks/churners". Actually no bank targets them, it's just that some tend to attract them with promiscuous sign-up bonuses. But most have clamped down hard on "churning", Chase with it's 5/24 rule and no new bonuses until 48 months after the last, for example. AMEX will straight up take back MR point bonuses if they think you're abusing their "hospitality".

    This is a no annual fee card, providing near-immediate cash back, no fees or penalties (!), and a very nice level of transparency about how interest charges work. I find nothing to complain about and think it's a great product that may help a lot of people better understand how revolving credit actually works. If I want better rewards for certain purchase categories, I'll break out one of my other cards.

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