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Sep 18, 2014
because you can't do the iPhone 4 life or easy pay in the Apple store. Today when I went the Apple specialist told he hadn't had 1 sprint activation since launch day! I don't understand why sprint would heavily promote these plans then limit them like this. ESPECIALLY WHEN THE DONT HAVE ANY IPHONE 6P AND WON'T HAVE ANY FOR ALMOST 2 MONTHS.
so basically sprint customers are screwed. Unless you buy retail or have an upgrade available ( but then you can't get the unlimited $50 plan


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Sep 16, 2014
There's a small kiosk at my mall that has only the 6 in stock. I asked out of curiosity. But it's sprint and I wasn't surprised at all. It was Saturday and they didn't have one person at the counter. Verizon was packed though


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Oct 1, 2012
I walked into the sprint store today on the way home and picked up a 6, 64gb no problem. Yeah, I didn't get it on launch day; however, this potentially could be the last phone service I EVER use - $50/month for unlimited everything is an astounding deal if you keep it 10-20years from now. Sure I might be stuck at 4gLTE/Spark speeds as 5g/6g ect... comes out, but at 23mpbs I can easily stream all video content.

I agree, sprint and apple should put their great minds together to figure out how to add 2 simple options to the checkout process. Must be rocket science.
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