Now or next year, that is the question !


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Mar 12, 2012
I'm wondering whether to buy the "new ipad" or wait for next year as thats when we could get "4G" in the UK. I don't want to purchase the "new ipad" and then Apple release a version with "4G" that would be compatible in the UK therefore making my "new ipad" ole technology.

I know you will say technology changes every year and products are bound to get old but I probably won't be the user who upgrades each year so I want something that will hopefully last me a good couple of years.

On the other hand what could be added in next year's ipad, siri, anything else ?

Is it worth waiting ?

Thanks for the help

Chupa Chupa

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Jul 16, 2002

Upgrading every year is very cost effective b/c iPad resale values are high, especially if you sell a week before the announcement.

Otherwise, if you don't buy this year that is an entire year w/o an iPad. Sure you wait until next year for the new feature. But then another new feature, not included in next year's iPad will be on the horizon. It's never ending. So either you need, want and iPad and you buy now, or you don't really want one and you wait until you do, if ever. But don't justify not buying b/c a feature might be available in a year. That's just a cop out.

And of course if you just routinely upgrade each year then you don't have to sweat about what you are going to be missing because you won't have to miss it.


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Apr 27, 2005
Here's the way I look at it (and I'm coming from an iPad 1 and 2). The big upgrade this year is the retina display. In my eyes, everything else was either incremental or implemented to support the retina display. Next year, we see an updated processor (I'm guessing quad core A6), updated back AND front cameras, maybe Siri and maybe some combo of lighter weight and thinner form factor (in addition to any surprises they have in store).

The upgraded processor next year is the biggie for me as the new iPad and iPad 2 have the same CPU. I'm typing this on my iPad 2 and I still think the screen looks damn fine. I don't play a lot of games, and definitely not 3D games, so the upgraded GPU doesn't really do much for me. Nor does the upgraded back camera - my 4S is better for photos. And 4G isn't available where I live, so that's moot.

Having said all this, I know I'm going to cave and get the new iPad eventually anyway. You win again, Apple.


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Jan 12, 2012
The only 4G in the UK is being trialled by O2 I think, and it's just a small trial in London. I'm not sure which 'kind' of 4G it is. If you'll need a constant high speed connection on your iPad practically all the time then wait. If not, then just get a Wifi only model