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    Oct 16, 2008
    Hey there friendly techy peeps in the YOO ESS! A wee question from rainy old Scotland.
    I have a query about the blue "indicator" bar which I get when I click on any given song in itunes library.
    Well, that along with the TINY wee speaker symbol which shows next to the track currently playing.
    Is there any way of combining the two?
    The display bar at the top of the screen is really not enough and I am pretty sure when I had a previous version of itunes, the "track currently playing" was highlighted much better and actually was always in the middle of the screen. And the indicator "jumped" to the track currently playing automatically.
    I find it a bit of a pain in the bahookie that when I "shuffle" tunes, it is not immediately obvious which tune is playing. I just like to know the name and band if it is from an album I am not completely au fait with!
    Am i just being daft or too pernickety.
    Any advice (polite and not too rude of course would be greatly appreciated)

    Many Thanks meantime my transatlantic cousins.

    John G, Glasgow, Scotland
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    Oct 16, 2008

    Come ON, don't ignore me now, PLEEEEEEZ!!!!
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    Feb 14, 2004
    The quick solution to this is to use Party Shuffle, which highlights the "now playing" track much better.

    Otherwise you'll need to look into third party software that shows the currently playing track - e.g. there are some that will display it in the menu bar (sorry no links handy - try Google).

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