Now that Rovio has dc'd AB for Mac

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by MACDad100, Aug 6, 2017.

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    Yes, I know these questions about Angry Birds are pretty basic. Bear with me, I'm trying to set it up for a little girl who is all excited about having AB on the Mac her uncle just gave her. After talking to Rovio, I don't think I would have even shown the kids that AB was on the Mac, but that ship sailed when we turned the thing on before talking to Rovio.

    I figured out how to reset the Angry Birds scored on the MacBook Air my brother gave my kids. It's supposed to be mainly for school, but until then they're playing games. My 11 yr old son and his cousins (boys) are all playing pretty advanced games (already) on the Mac.

    My 7 year old daughter likes Angry Birds...the easy ones...Rio (1) and Seasons. Yes, I know they are very passe, but not to a 7 year old girl.

    The AB Seasons is different than the Seasons on the iPhone. I tried to talk to Rovio about this. I asked if it was possible to get all previous AB Seasons for the MacBook...they had some pretty nasty answers about it.

    They are not supporting AB for the Mac and they are devoting all their future endeavors to very sophisticated games for mobile phones. They didn't even want to TALK about AB for the Mac and made it clear they are NOT supporting AB for the Mac and don't want to answer any questions about it. They were pretty nasty. I said look I know this sounds silly but I have a 7 year old girl who is excited about playing AB on a Mac and maybe there are some old versions of it that aren't available in the Mac App store. I also asked why the 2 versions were different. AB Rio is the same on the Mac and on the iPhone...why is Seasons different and why can't I get a full "set" for the Mac or for the iPhone. They were not only unhelpful, they were downright nasty. If it weren't for my daughter, I would not even be asking this question.

    Does anyone know how to get the AB that came out originally for the Mac? I hate to go to anything jail broken but honestly, Rovio's answer was so nasty I thought I'd ask.
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    I don't have the answer, but I really hope you don't pirate the game, because that would get you closer to your goal, but I'm not saying you should do it, because forum rules don't allow it...

    All I'm saying is that there doesn't seem to be a legal way to obtain a rightful license.

    Oh the joys of digital-only releases, huh?

    *pats physical game collection*

    Glassed Silver:mac

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