Now that's a rumour... spy chips or not?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Omega Mac, May 2, 2019.

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    I have always wondered too, due to the reliance on Chinese manufacturing and what goes on in China but assumed if it were so and it was to hit main stream news, then Apple would suffer perhaps irreparable repetitional damage and stock price consequences, but then again that could be incredibly naïve - when you think about how markets have and are manipulated.

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    (response to the OP title)
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    Well i will give that a second though if you have some reliable report (as in more creditable than a Twitterpost). And i think that most (all) Apple products (hardware) has been pretty thoroughly examined by independent sources, so if there really was a "spychip" we would know about it.
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    Unless if you were the NSA.. their "so called' "skunk-works" could of rubbed off somewhere.

    Very unlikely, but not impossible either. How much heat did that Bloomberg story prove ? and a reliable source too...

    Now, imagine that happening all over the world. But the outcome this time, would be "true"

    I still believe, if someone were to spy (from a chip design perspective), they would have no problem remaining undetected. All you gotta do is outbeat the best. And so far, China looks set to be the winner.

    Rumor today, could be facts tomorrow.

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