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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by mgargan1, Jun 23, 2006.

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    I'm not sure how this guy gets people to pay him. There are tons of people who will do it for free in order to get to/from work here in the Bay Area. There are designated meeting places where these "casual carpool" form...drivers looking for riders cruise by and pick up strangers heading to the same general area so that they can use the carpool lanes.
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    Jan 4, 2005
    have to give the guy credit. His idea would not work in houston though. Reasoning being is the Houston already found an easier better free solution. Start out as one guy who hate driving into downtown for working and not beign able to take the HOV lane. Well he made a sign and drove over to a metro drop off and held it out saying looking for bodies to go in with me for the HOV lane or something like that. Got the 2 other people he need and it went from there.
    After a while other people started to do it and there where always people willing to take a free ride to work. And people willing to give a free ride to people so they could take the HOV lane.

    Both sides got what they wanted with no change of money. heck a shopping center became tne area to wait in line to pick up people and to find the ride. Body snatcher where the drivers.
    Just a few simple rules if you are a rider
    1. Dont offer to pay for gas it is not expected. you are there for your body.
    2. Dont cut in line while waiting for a ride useless call over by a body snatcher.
    3. Dont start a convosation unless the driver starts one
    4. Driver makes the rules and you adjust to them.

    Body snatch pretty much should not expect the people riding in there car to pay for gas. They want the bodies for the HOV lane. The ones getting the ride want the free ride to work.

    really works out pretty well. I wouldnt be surpised to see a something like that pop up in that area. Plus houstin set up on teh HOV lanes requireing 3+ people during certain times of the day would effect a one man job.
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    If only the HOV lane acctually worked here in Dallas. I'm more North Dallas, but all the HOV lanes I've taken Never ever have any effect whats so ever... You might beat the regular drivers by about 3 minutes max...

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