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    Jun 10, 2013
    Have bought my first apple product (an Ipad) and had/have a lot of problems getting it to do what i want it to do (maybe more about that later).

    Have been reading this group for days (Menneisyys2's and many others very good articles)

    My very first question in this group will be about nPlayer that i bought the other day. (Have been searching group (and ofcause help e.t.c) for answers first, but did not find any)

    Am i an idiot (easy answer :) ) or is it not possible to make nPlayer "PLAY TO" my "dlna TV". I know 8player (lite) and ArkMC (lite) can do this, but i cannot find this options anywhere in nPlayer.

    Second question:
    The player finds my music on a NAS ok, but it can not sort the numbers (if i choose album) by track list numbers. Again. Am i an idiot ?, or can this app, not play music, in track list order (not sure what to call this in English but the same order as on a CD)

    Kind regards from Denmark

    Bjarne :confused:
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    Jul 19, 2011
    Hej Bjarne,

    I recently purchased nPlayer and posted about the new 2.0 update in the AVPlayerHD thread: Please update to the latest version, it seems to support sorting files in asc/descending, which sounds exactly like what you want to do.

    To your other question I assume you have a DLNA capable TV. In this case, nPlayer itself does NOT support DLNA streaming TO any device. nPlayer currently supports DLNA streaming FROM another device, like a computer running a media server or a NAS with DLNA support. If you're looking for an alternative that has good video format support and DLNA streaming TO a TV, see GoodPlayer. (Or if you primarily play MKV files, PowerPlayer. They're from the same developer and both support DLNA streaming TO another device.)

    Hope this helps.

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