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    I have been working on the open source app Transmission and making some changes to it so that it is a little more function to me.

    I have a working version up here if anyone wants to take a look at it. I have the basics of what I would like to to do done, but now I want to extend it a little bit.

    Now, with that said I would like to get one thing working for the next release and I need some guidance. I would like to implement a custom "image" for the StatusItems image. I basically want to something similar to MenuMeters or Little Snitch, in that the "images" are dynamic and changing. I want to display the upload and download speeds in the menubar like I currently do in the menu itself. If anyone can point me in the right direction, or wants to help me in my endeavor it would be much appreciated.
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    You can set a custom view on an status item with the setView: method, so you'd want to subclass NSView and add in your own text fields and other subviews.

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