nstableview delegate method is not getting called

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by hrishidev, Nov 24, 2008.

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    Dec 3, 2007
    Hi friends
    i m using nstableview , defined these two methods of data source

    - (int)numberOfRowsInTableView:(NSTableView *)aTableView;

    - (id)tableView:(NSTableView *)aTableView
    objectValueForTableColumn:(NSTableColumn *)aTableColumn

    for addition customization , i set delegate
    and called following methods
    - (float)tableView:(NSTableView *)tableView heightOfRow:(int)row;

    - (BOOL)tableView:(NSTableView *)aTableView shouldEditTableColumn:(NSTableColumn *)aTableColumn row:(int)rowIndex;

    but this method is not getting called

    - (NSCell *)tableView:(NSTableView *)tableView dataCellForTableColumn:(NSTableColumn *)tableColumn row:(int)row;

    the nstalbeview is inside one customview which is on nswindow
    also i have to use
    int instead of 'NSInteger ' in methods
    - (float)tableView:(NSTableView *)tableView heightOfRow:(NSInteger)row; ....can this be any indication of problem ???

    i tried the same thing outside my project in one sample application its working fine .......

    can you tell me where I m going wrong ????
  2. hrishidev thread starter macrumors regular

    Dec 3, 2007
    okay , i want to add nsstepper inside the cell of the nstableview
    i have attached the sample application i created so that you will get the idea about my requirements , this sample project is working fine

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