Nuance Increasing iOS Tie-Ins With New 'Dragon Remote Microphone'

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    With rumors of deep integration of Nuance's voice recognition technology in iOS 5 and evidence that such tools are hidden but included in current developer builds, there has been considerable interest in determining the extent to which the two companies are working together. Nuance technology has also been showing up in OS X Lion in the form of new text-to-speech voices and has been rumored to be being used in Apple's new North Carolina data center.


    Nuance is certainly not new to the iOS platform, having released the high-profile Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search for the iPhone in late 2009. But a new, albeit simple, application called Dragon Remote Microphone released by Nuance today demonstrates how the company is seeking to link up iOS users with the company's flagship Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software as part of a new version 11.5 release. The new app serves as a wireless microphone for the voice recognition software via Wi-Fi, allowing users to use their iOS device instead of the microphone included with the software for input.
    Dragon NaturallySpeaking is Windows-only voice recognition software available in a variety of packages ranging from $99.99 for the basic home package up to $799.99 for the high-end legal package. The company's Mac offerings come in the form of several MacSpeech products, a line the company acquired in early 2010. The new remote microsphone app does not, however, appear to be compatible with MacSpeech products at this time.

    Article Link: Nuance Increasing iOS Tie-Ins With New 'Dragon Remote Microphone'
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    Either Apple buys Nuance, licenses the software, makes it so you can link various apps to the keyboard as the speech to text software, or let's apps in general replace the standard keyboard. I would hope for one of the last 2 models applied to the whole iOS system. Since there are 200 million iOS devices, I want to see them maximize customizability.
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    I want my iOS devices, macs and house to be like the star ship enterprise with voice reignition to play any media on my devices, order my groceries when I am low on eggs or milk and control my temperature in each room.
    Oh, and dictate my essay paper.
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    It pays to research!

    I had my bankcard in hand, ready to buy after reading the Nuance page, but decided to stop off at MacRumors to see if it was the only product of this kind on the market. A friend at work recently bought the mac nuance product and had recommended it. After reading the article above, I think I will hold off for a few months and see what the new OS system offers. Thanks for the information in the article. How will I explain to my work mate that he just blew $249. if what the article states eventuates?

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