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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by PecanEater, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. PecanEater macrumors 6502


    Apr 11, 2007
    Just got Nullriver's Tuner Internet Radio from the Apps Store. I can listen to the stations that are pre-loaded in the favorites sections but when I select the "Genres" or "Top 500", I'm just getting an empty screen and an endless circle. Also "Search" isn't working. I'm using my local WiFi connection so I don't think that's the issue. Any ideas? Any similar problems?
  2. fishkorp macrumors 68020


    Apr 10, 2006
    Ellicott City, MD
    Been working perfect for me since the day I got it, all aspects of it.
  3. wfp9703 macrumors newbie

    Sep 1, 2008
    nullsoft internets down?

    I noticed the same behavior as the original poster. App worked fine until last night, when connection problems started occurring. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and now cannot get a list of genres or top 500.

    However, I added a few stations manually and they work fine, as do the preset stations.

    I noticed that is offline and am wondering if all of the nullriver servers are offline, thus causing the problem. Being a long weekend, could be a while before things are back to normal.
  4. iblastoff macrumors 6502

    Aug 2, 2008
    i had the same exact issue yesterday. everything seems to be working fine as of now though. the nullriver page is also back up.
  5. PecanEater thread starter macrumors 6502


    Apr 11, 2007
    Looks like the Nullriver server went down over the holiday weekend. Its back up now and my app is fully functional.

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