Number of photos on 3 Apple devices inconsistent

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  1. hayzen macrumors newbie

    Jul 18, 2008
    I use iCloud to sync all my photos across my iPhone, iPad, and Macbook Pro.

    I use my iPhone to take photos and videos (optimized) and rarely use my iPad to take photos (Full Res) and my Macbook for viewing (Full Res). They are all synced up and updated but the number of photos and videos are inconsistent.

    23,512 photos, 632 videos

    23,512 photos, 632 videos, 3 items

    23,526 photos, 623 videos

    How do I sync these up properly? Do I have to go through all my photos and delete the ones I don’t want and hopefully it'll get rid of the inconsistency itself?

    Also, what are those 3 items on my iPad? I noticed when I tried to drag and drop all my photos from within Photos to an external hard drive, 3 items get copied first and they are a few hundred mb in size but have no file extension so I don't I know what they are or what originally were.

    Any ideas?
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    Oct 23, 2013
    Florence, AL
    Could your phone have already had 14 photos before syncing? Could the "items" be gifs or PNG images?
  3. hayzen thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 18, 2008
    I forgot to check iCloud. I took more photos today and all the new photos should be uploaded into iCloud. The new numbers are:
    iCloud 24,169 photos & videos (Total)
    MBP 23,534 photos, 632 videos (Total 24,166)
    iPad 23,534 photos, 632 videos, 3 items (Total 24,169)
    iPhone 23,548 photos, 623 videos (Total 24,171)
    I took 26 more photos 20 minutes later. Here are the newest numbers.
    iCloud 24,195 photos & videos (Total)
    MBP 23,560 photos, 632 videos (Total 24,192)
    iPad 23,560 photos, 632 videos, 3 items (Total 24,195)
    iPhone 23,574 photos, 623 videos (Total 24,197)
    It seems the unknown 3 items I mentioned before is noted on the iPad and included in iCloud. I'm assuming the MBP didn't include the 3 items for whatever reason which is why it is 3 items less than the MBP and iPad. iPhone on the other hand, still not sure. It doesn't say it's uploading anything. What could those 3 items be? Animated gif? Some kind of movie files?

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