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    Ok guys I need some help. I've been a poweruser on Excel for quite some time. I've tried and tried to like numbers but have just not really cared for it. The main reason is none of my hotkeys work. Is there anyway to transfer the hotkeys from Excel into Numbers? I know you can individually add them, but I've run into problems trying to get that to work. Is there any utility out there that will just set all the hotkeys in Numbers to the default ones in Excel?

    I just deleted Excel (again) off my Summer 2012 Macbook Air 1.8 i5 8GB as it was making some system files kinda wonky. Odd flashes on my secondary monitor, my fans started acting up as soon as I installed Excel 2 weeks ago, mouse became suddenly glitchy. So I'm trying to give Numbers another try, but Damned if I don't feel lost.

    Here's a few of the hotkeys that I really miss.

    Control Space - Highlight a Column
    Shift Space - Highlight a row
    Control Left/Right/Up/Down - Last cell with text
    Shift Control Left/Right/Up/Down - Hightlight that whole row/column
    Control + - Insert Row/Column after Above

    Even if you could help me out with just those I'd be eternally grateful! Thanks everyone!

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    To be honest if you really are an Excel Power User, I would forget Numbers and go back to Excel. Don't get me wrong Numbers is great for producing simple charts, tables, and dashboards, but hopeless at Power User stuff such as modelling or data analysis compared with Excel. Make sure you get Excel for Office 2011 and download all the updates for it. You must have a problem with your installation as mine on rMBP and old Mac Pro is rock solid.

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