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Jun 8, 2015
Im fairly new to numbers and Im creating my own numbers documents to keep track of my money matters (monthly budget, monthly outgo, total debt etc.)

I used the Numbers Monthly Budget Template as a kind of reference for my own spreadsheet. Mine works just like the Monthly Budget Template but I added another page with my total debt. What Im trying to do is come up with a formula that subtracts the amount I put on my Outgo page from my Total Debt page. I would like it to work in the same way the Monthly Budget Template formulas work but subtraction instead of addition.

So when I 'crunch my numbers' monthly and I pay $100 dollars to 'Debt One" I would like it to subtract from my total debt sheet



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Feb 19, 2012
An approach at first sight... Debt One = initial amount minus SUMIF of "Debt One" in Outgo.
If you use SUMIFS you can also set multiple criteria like description and category to be sure to sum the right entries.
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