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Numbers: Missing Fonts Headache


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May 16, 2020
Whenever I open a spreadsheet in Numbers, it tells me I have missing fonts even though I have all the fonts it says are missing. I open up the little dialogue thing select the *exact same font* under the "Replace With" dropdown and click "Replace Fonts." Nothing ever changes (nothing changes if I choose not to replace the fonts). But this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. It is driving me crazy. How can I get it to stop? I've never opened a spreadsheet and had this not happen and I always have the fonts, every single time. I've tried ignoring it, but that little warning stays there for so long before it'll finally disappear.

Please, someone, tell me how to get this stop. I'm having to open dozens of spreadsheets a day for work and I'm going crazy.

Erehy Dobon

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Feb 16, 2018
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Are you opening spreadsheets generated by MS Office for Windows? Windows PCs have different default fonts than Macs.

The easiest thing to do is to find a generic Windows PC with MS Office and copy its fonts to your Mac.

Since you are doing this for work your company's IT department should be able to provide you with these fonts.
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