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    so, I tried to purchase Numbers in the AppStore...notification came up that I needed iOS 7, which I figured would...offered me to upgrade (no thanks...staying on 6 as long as possible) but did not offer to let me download a legacy version, which I thought was the policy this only for third party apps?...if so, I find that strange, because I already have Pages and GarageBand, and just out of curiousity, I tried to upgrade them, and it told me I needed iOS 7 for this version, but it offered to let me download the latest compatible version, which is weird because I was upgrading, not purchasing...thoughts?
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    I second that. I would like to obtain a version of Pages for iOS 5.1 on my iPad 2. I've tried this with a variety of apps, both first and third party but sadly to no avail (always prompted to upgrade).

    I thought it might be because an update to iOS7 is available, though I've heard of people running iOS 6 on newer devices and legacy downloads are working fine. Perhaps it's yet to be rolled out in the UK, or something like that.

    Edit: Tried a few more apps. The only app that has prompted me thus far for 'last compatible version' was Instagram.
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    This is typical of apps in the iOS and Mac app store. Once a new version shows up, the old version is removed and you have no way to buy/download it.
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    It also says you can download latest versión belong to ur iOS.

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