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    Say you have 200 rows. But you only want to display say 20 of them in the window and then be able to scroll through the 200 rows. How can i do that?
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    Not sure I understand fully....

    If you have a long table, you just size the window to show the number of rows you want to see. The window is resized using the handle on the bottom right corner of the window.

    You can change, essentially, zoom in and out by changing the "content scale" found in the bottom left corner.... but only when you have set the table to Print View (View> Hide/Show Print View).

    One other trick... You can "Freeze" a row or column header. Turn off "Print View" (View>Hide Print View). Now go to Table>Freeze Header Rows. When you do this, then the very top row will always stay visible, even if you scroll to the bottom of the table.

    Hope this helps... as I said, I'm not sure I understand fully what you want to do...

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