Numerous Burn-in and Interference and Viewability Problems with my 30" ACD

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by ryan42, Apr 4, 2010.

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    Hello everyone. I have had my 30" ACD for less than a year now and I'm experiencing some annoying issues with it.

    The main one is the occasional presence, usually against a neutral gray background, of slightly darker bands approximately 2.5mm in height that move upwards on the display. They look like interference from another device but I have attempted to eliminate all sources of interference I can find. It's rather distracting if you, like I, spend over 10 hours a day working in front of your computer.

    The secondary issue I have is that really gets me is that I'm actually experiencing burn in on this thing in extremely short order. If I have a Safari window open in the middle of my screen that's predominately white (against my background which is the aqua blue Apple wallpaper) and I open Aperture, or any neutral grey, I can clearly plainly see the light area that my Safari window was in. It's so obvious sometimes that the first time it happened I investigated whether Aperture had added a transparent background like you can set in The amount of time that it takes for this to become an issues is extremely short. Having this very page up for the last seven or so minutes has made a very clearly defined box that I can see if I bring up a neutral gray.

    The third issue that I have is that a 60 hz hum from the display gets progressively louder the lower I set the brightness. Over the past few weeks I've gone from using my display at 100% brightness to being very comfortable at just over 50%. My eyes have adjusted to the softer light and I have much less eye strain however the continual hum is more annoying now.

    My final annoyance is actually the first thing that I picked up on when I got it out of the box. I assumed it was a side effect of having such a large panel but I have since been unable to see this in ACDs at the Apple store. If I have a dark image on the screen, sitting a normal 3 ft away from it, with my eyes level with the top of the screen as Apple suggests in their ergonomics guide, the left and right sides of the screen at the bottom are quite red. It is hard for me to look at edit photos fullscreen that have dark detail areas because I either have to get 6 ft from the monitor (and my desk just isn't that deep) or I have to tilt the screen artificially upwards beyond my viewing angle to compensate for this backlight/viewing angle problem.

    When I decided I wanted to replace my 24" Sony CRT with a 30" LCD, I selected the ACD because I thought it would be the most refined display and I could also get it on my Mac Pro's AppleCare (which it is). I'm just mainly worried that these issues won't be resolved by Apple and they'll consider the display within spec, etc. and I'll be stuck with these annoyances for several years to come (I keep hardware for a very long time).

    Can anyone provide input on whether or not they also have these issues or if they have had their ACD repaired for problems such as these?

    Thanks so much,
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    If it is less than a year old then if I were you I would take it to the Apple store and ask for it to be checked out. What you are describing should not be happening.
    If I had experienced the problem with the red when I first received the screen I would have taken it back immediately.

    I have always found Apple Care and Apple Customer Service to be brilliant.

    Good luck.
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    In regards to the image persistence issue, it happened to me on two Dell 3007WFP-HCs. I'm currently on my third and to prevent it from happening again, I've set my screen saver to activate after 3 minutes of inactivity and I'm using Apple's built-in "Spectrum" saver. It has been slightly over four months since I've done this and I have not noticed the image persistence return.
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    Feb 16, 2010

    It looks like a replacement ACD is in order. I would say that the 60Hz LED buzz and the rising horizontal bars are related, and probably due to a failure in filtering somewhere in the circuitry, possibly due to an electrolytic capacitor failure. The rising darker bars are reminiscent of old black and white TVs. Even in an LCD set at 60Hz, the actual vertical refresh speed is usually slightly less than 60Hz. As a result, any 60Hz interference bars would be seen as rising bars. You could try setting a different vertical refresh rate to see if that has any effect. I have noticed that some makes of Windows laptops have the vertical refresh factory setting at 59Hz.

    LCDs can be subject to image retention, but that's normally only when a fixed image is displayed for hours, so I don't know what's happening with your ACD. The color variance when you move your head may be an atifact of being close to a large display, although I thought that IPS displays should be better than that. I've seen lots of complaints with large TN displays being viewed at close range.
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    Thank you all for your input. I will be taking the display to the Apple store as soon as I get a chance. Regarding the image persistence, it is in the extreme short-term that it happens. It can be established in just a few minutes and can take just a few minutes to disappear as well. Right now I am not having the hum problem or the banding, which drambuie, I had not linked together before, so I thank you for that idea.

    I'm also not experiencing the short term persistence problem right now that badly, but the red corners are still there.

    I noticed that my iMac G5 does the same thing with the red corners though, so it may be a problem with LCDs in general. (This is the first desktop LCD I've ever owned). Even so I would not expect that viewing angle problem from an LCD that cost this much. :(

    Thanks again. I'll let you all know how it turns out at the Apple store. I'll probably get there Thursday.

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